Things to do

Hike in pristine nature

Take a hiking trip up to the nearby hills, forests or mountains. You will enjoy walking through the beautiful paths in the pristine nature surrounded by the relaxing greenery, or through the many marked mountain trails, leading to the peaks of middle Velebit.

Enjoy the gastronomy

Some of the best memories of your vacation will include the delicious specialities of the Lika cuisine – known for its natural, fresh and healthy local ingredients: Spit-roasted lamb, prosciutto, Lika cheese, lamb under the iron bell with Lika potatoes, trout .. .are just some of them.

Explore cycling trails

In Lika you can find a variety of great bike trails through the untouched nature – from the trails for mountain biking, to the paved roads that are suitable for family excursions. Explore the hidden landscapes of Lika and fill your lungs with fresh mountain air riding your bike.

Discover the caves

This area of Lika is known for numerous explored and unexplored caves and pits that you can enjoy discovering as a tourist with the supervision of expert local guides. The unique morphological shapes in the hidden and rarely seen spaces will enchant you with their appearance.

Skiing in winter

During the winter, Lika is a perfect location for skiing as well as sledding, in its beautiful snow covered natural landscapes with frozen lakes and rivers. There are many locations where you can ski or sled, and of course you can find all the equipment that you need available to rent.